Our founder - Lebenam Golo

Lebenam in my local dialect means take care of me. From my personal journey with acne and hyperpigmentation, seeking professional help was one of the best decisions I ever made. The positive changes I finally experienced with my skin and self esteem & confidence pushed me to create Lebenam Skin instead of being a lawyer as I always dreamed of. Now I am New York Licensed Esthetician based in Accra Ghana, working passionately to help others feel the same way I did with my skin

What we do here?

Our main focus is treating acne, hyperpigmentation and using advanced methods such as chemical peels to help with skin issues within our scope of practice. Aside ensuring the external part of us looks good, our goal is make sure we build a healthy relationship with our skin and self esteem. We never stop learning to provide the best and safe products and service to you all.